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Custom Trips

Custom Trips for Safaris, Volunteering, and Adventures

Because there is such a variety of things to do in Uganda and Rwanda, often times Routes to Africa will work with people to customize a trip that fits your plans.

Whether you are coming for a safari, to volunteer, to get student credit, to go gorilla trekking, or whatever it is, we can work with you and create a trip that best suits your needs.   

Advantages to custom trips:

  • Create an itinerary that suits your schedule
  • Easily adjust for any special requirements
  • Make any additions or subtractions to the usual activities
  • Mix and match luxury, mid-range or budget options
  • Work around volunteering or internship obligations
  • Do exactly what you want to do in order to maximize your time
  • Explore things that may be off the beaten path or that are not as well-known
  • Better fit what suits you as either an individual or a group

Disadvantages to custom trips

  • Takes more time and effort on your part to help us create the perfect trip for you - we do the work but still need to have your input on what you want
  • It can, but not always, cost a little bit more because of possible detours, additional activities, or mixing and matching 

Go ahead and dream big for your trip. Or, do not let the fact that you only want to do something very simple or for a short amount of time stop you from just doing it.  Take advantage of all that East Africa has to offer.

Simply contact us and we will begin the process of creating just the right trip and itinerary to fit all that you want to do!


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