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Backpacking and Climbing

People don't necessarily think of backpacking when they think of East Afica, but it is actually host to some amazing trips and "fourteeneers" that people will want to bag.  There are incredible options to satisfy the novice or the expert.  The terrain is diverse, and hikers, climbers, or mountaineers can all be satisfied. 

Mt. Elgon 

At 14,177, Wagagai Peak boasts the top of the incredible Mt. Elgon volcanic area.  Waterfalls, caves, the caldera, birds, wildlife, and plant life distinguish this lesser-known gem.  You will not want to miss exploring and make one of the hikes/climbs a priority on your to do list.  Please read more at Uganda Wildlife's site, and then contact us to help you make all the arrangements for an incredible experience!

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The Rwenzoris - The Mountains of the Moon

Prepare for an other-worldly trek as you choose to tackle the fascinating Rwenzoris.  A 16,762 peak, with surrounding 14er's, are a must do for any mountaineer, but the overall terrain and scenery are what make these climbs so unique.   Skilled climbers will be challenged attempting to reach the top of Margherita Peak.  Though, even amateur or intermediate backpackers can be enthralled while ascending the surrounding peaks as well.  But everyone will be fascinated at this most incredble of places.  Learn more at UWA's site, but then let us help you with all the details of organizing your trek!

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