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Meet Our Team

Routes to Africa is made up of an experienced, qualified, and caring team of people.  Whether it's those in the office, guides, drivers, or team hosts, we strive to only employee and work with trustworthy and capable people, who have years of tourism work under thir belts.  Here, you can learn a little bit more about our main team who will be assisting you with your trip.   Always feel free to contact any of us with any information!

Jennie Crawford

Owner / Managing Director

jennieHi! I love to travel. I get so excited when I'm in a new place. I have been fortunate enough to explore many places in my life. For many years, I lived on the Navajo reservation in northern Arizona where I was an English teacher, worked with a church, and led community outreach projects.  The southwestern U.S. is a great area to go exploring. Canyons, deserts, mountains, red rocks, lakes, and rivers are all within range.  I loved it!  If anything, it peaked my interest to go on more adventures.  I always had a heart for Africa. It was a secret desire of mine to go and learn and explore the beauty and difference of this land.

Over time, I traveled to Uganda and did volunteer work, eventually making it home for a few years. I spent time in Kampala as the manager for a tour company - now this is a great way to do some exploring! I've been blessed to travel all over Uganda and take part in a number of activities by going to check out different accommodations or hosting a group of clients or setting up a project. I then moved to Gulu, in northern Uganda, where I started a nongovernmental organization (NGO), Finding the Way, that helps people through the resettlement and restoration process after having lived in refugee camps for over 20 years. What an incredible, meaningful job this has been.  Now, I have the joy of helping others encounter new things and create new memories!  I love the chance to take my experience and allow others to maximize theirs.  With Routes to Africa, I can mix the things that I love - serving others, investing in people, traveling, and doing new things - and extend them to other people who may also want to try a little adventure in their life!

There's so much more to life, and changing from our everyday experience can help us gain a new perspective, be open to new things, and have the joy of interacting with others. May you be blessed!



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