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Mission Trips

Let Us Serve You As You Serve Others

As a Christian-owned organization, Routes to Africa has a main goal to effectively facilitate mission trips for churches, youth groups, campus ministries, para-church organizations, and others who want to serve God and serve people in Uganda and Rwanda.

I, Jennie, went on my first short-term missions trip to the Navajo reservation when I was 15.  I then went 3 more times before moving to the reservation to do ministry and go to college.  During the 16 years that I lived there, I was part of and observed a number of short-term teams.  I was a group leader, a host, and played many other various roles.

While living and serving in Uganda for nearly 4 years, I also helped with a number of missions groups, as well as hosted people who came to work. 

With all of this experience and exposure, I was able to see the pros and cons of doing short terms missions for the sake of the kingdom of God.  I saw how the interaction between the group and local people can be uplifting, effective, worthwhile, and unifying for all.  Unfortunately, I also saw how there could be more harm done than good for both the local people and the people on the trip.  All too often, this can end up being the case.  One of the reasons is because groups do not have solid local connections or people with cultural background and experience assisting with the trip.  This is never the intention, but it can happen anyway, unfortunately.

Routes to Africa, on the other hand, wants to help bridge the gap and allow the process of serving to be life-giving and beneficial to all.  So, if you're coming and using one of our partner organizations to connect with, then obviously we know we are putting you with a trustworthy organization.  And part of our role is to help with orientation and even doing the work with you and making it a fulfilling experience, as well as an empowering and lasting investment for the local people.  But, even if you are coming and connecting with someone you already know, then it is great to have Christian people with experience helping you handle the detail aspects of getting through the daily routine of your trip.  This relieves so much pressure from the local people you are serving as well as you the leader of the trip, so that you have more time and energy to do what you are  there to do in the first place.

Please contact us to discuss the heart you have to serve people and how we can assist you in this process.  We believe in expanding the kingdom of God.  We believe in loving other people.  We believe in serving with an attitude of humility.  We believe in relational investment and connecting with people.

Let us be a part of this process so that we can serve you as you serve others.

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